Savi Global provides business consulting to entrepreneurial visionaries

who don’t have the time or specialized skills to execute their ideas on their own.

We specialize in:


Marketing & Communications Strategy

You have a great business concept and you think you know who your customer is. How are you going to reach them? How are you going to tell them about your product or service? How are you going to get them to buy what you have to offer?

You need to communicate directly with your customer in a way that speaks to their needs. This isn’t always easy…in fact, most of the time it isn’t. That’s why “strategy” is involved.


We focus on driving your customer to you by providing:

  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Strategic communications plans
  • Market and competitor research
  • Value proposition
  • Digital communications templates (e-newsletters, auto-responders, etc.)
  • Content development



Business Development Strategy

You’ve started your business and you want to get serious about reaching your customers and increasing sales.


We provide you with the strategies and tools to accelerate your growth by offering:

  • Business development and lead generation
  • Sales presentations
  • Proposal templates
  • E-books
  • Access to networks



Market Research

You’ve established a successful domestic business and you’re ready to expand into new markets, at home and abroad.


We provide you with the insights and resources to take your business to new markets. Our market research includes:

  • Country and/or regional opportunities
  • Market size and potential
  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Market conditions and trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • Business practices and customs
  • Best prospects for success
  • Regulations
  • Local company profiles
  • Trade events and trade leads

Our experience spans a variety of industries.

We pull on our experience across a variety of industries at Fortune 500 companies to help you establish a platform for immediate growth.

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Telecommunications
  • Fitness & Health
  • Government
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Non-Profit
  • Arts & Design
  • Business & Coaching

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